Monday-Wednesday-Friday Class

February 2017

This month has us learning about hearts, hair, hot dogs, dogs, dinosaurs, volcanoes and valentines as we learn about the letters H, D and V. We have added the word in to our sight word list. We will also learn about some of our country’s great presidents as we celebrate President’s Day (NO SCHOOL Feb. 17 and 20th) and predictions and shadows and light for Groundhog Day!

In order to enhance these learning experiences, we would appreciate the following donations and want to thank you for always supplementing our projects: boxes of chocolate pudding, teddy grahams, hot dog buns and hot dogs, baking soda, vinegar, grapes, pretzel sticks, Dixie cups.

If you are willing to donate any of these items please sign up on the sheet on our bulletin board. Thank you!

We are also collecting empty rectangular tissue boxes to make DINO FEET and clean plastic jugs.

Help us create a display for our Open House. Please take a minute to jot down what you LOVE about Trinity Preschool on a paper heart which can be found at dropoff and pickup in the Gathering Place and our hall table. We are also happy to send one home with your child! Thank you in advance!

We will have a classroom Valentine’s celebration on Feb. 13th. We will celebrate with a class party and exchange valentines that day. If you would like to send valentines in from your student, please do not write classmates’ names on them, just have your child sign their cards. This makes for easier distribution for the children. We are looking for special grown ups to help at each of our stations for the party. Please sign up in the hall if you can join us that day. There are 18 sweethearts in the morning class and 9 in the afternoon.

We will celebrate HAT DAY on Feb. 22nd. Your child may wear a hat to school that day in honor of the letter H!

Registration forms for the 2017-18 school year are currently being accepted.


Feb. 6 – Devin                        Feb. 13 – Mikaela                Feb. 20 – Brody